Premier Farewell Plan

Premier Farewell Plan

The Prudential Premier Farewell Plan is a special life insurance policy that enables you to meet your financial obligations or to give financial security to your family after you have passed on.
What you need to know

The minimum and maximum age at entry for the main life is 18 and 59 years respectively.
The Plan covers:
Cover level for you and your spouse is 100% and 50% for all other insured lives.
You have the option to choose the type of cover plan (Sum Assured) preferred between GHs 20,000 to GHs 50,000.


Death Benefit

A lump sum payment equal to the Sum Assured will be paid to you or your beneficiary in the event that any of the insured lives is no more.

Waiver of Premium Benefit

Prudential Life will pay the rest of the premiums on your behalf if death should occur early or on attainment of 65. However, all the insured lives are still entitled to their benefits under the policy.

Return of Premium

If the any of the covered lives die during the waiting period and the policy is active,
the total premium paid on behalf of this life will be refunded less the policy fee.